Trade Show Displays Types

Trade Show Displays Types

The interest in trade show marketing has increased significantly in the last decade after a drop in the early 10’s. Forecasts and analysis show a further expansion of the trade fair industry in major economic hubs in Europe and USA, plus a faster development of the sector in the Middle East and Asia.

To present a business to potential customers at conferences, expositions and industry-related events, marketers use various kinds of displays, banners, stands and booths. These have to both visually appeal to and interact with visitors while being easy to assemble and transport.

This article will introduce you to the most popular kinds of displays used in the industry today. Depending on your available budget, your target audience, objectives and preferences you can choose any of the options available or combine them to get the best value for money.

Table Top and Table Covers

Table tops and covers are the most basic type of trade show displays. They use a table as a base with graphics displayed on a foldable frame, a cover or a vinyl banner which turn the table to a billboard advertisement for the business. The standard table top frames are often provided by the trade fair organisers upon request. Current best practices show the display’s height should revolve around the average eye height which is between 160 and 170 cm (65 inches). This type of display is most popular for small scale events due to its basic design and limited functionality.

Pipe and Drape Booths

The pipe and drape booths are made from connecting hollow metal or plastic tubes at the corners. Fabric drapes are suspended along the tubes to provide a visual distinction between the exhibitors at the event. Combined with other forms of display advertising and banners which are directly hung along the structure, this type of trade show booth provides various options to represent your business.

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

The pop-up display utilises a graphic panel with a framework which is light and easy to carry and assemble. The graphic display itself is interchangeable and different panels can be attached to the framework without difficulty. A graphic presenting a pop up display

These pop ups are used to both:

  • direct the visitors’ interest to the exhibitor’s main trade show display;
  • on their own in a chain for product or service advertisement.

Banner/Screen Stands

Banner stands are similar to the pop ups but utilise a single standing frame instead. They provide a bigger display area which can be used for indoor and outdoor events alike. Due to the increased availability, screen stands are getting popular in the trade show marketing industry. These employ TV and LED screens to show advertisements or demonstration videos. These heavy-duty frames are harder to assemble and transport due to their size.

Panel and Frame Booths

The panel and frame booths use a set of panels connected via a frame. This is the most popular display in the trade show and event industry due to the various uses it offers. A panel and frame booth provides a freestanding room which can bring into play screens, banners and live demonstrations. These booths require transport and assemble by a contractor which has to be approved by the event organisers.

Freestanding Booths

The freestanding booth is a contraption with multiple uses both during trade shows and product demonstrations at various public locations. Standard booth sizes vary around 3x3m (10x10ft) and come in a variety of different layouts:

  • In line: booths are placed in line next to each other with barriers between them. A graphic presenting the in line trade show booth type

  • Penninsula: a booth with aisles surrounding three of its sides – often requires renting a double floor space. A graphic presenting the peninsula trade show booth type

  • Split-island: shares one of its sides with another booth. Both booths create an island. A graphic presenting the split-island trade show booth type

  • Island: has its four sides exposed to isles and requires renting a double floor space. A graphic presenting the island trade show booth type

A trade show display requires a proper design created with regards of the target audience. These displays should maintain a low transport, assemble and disassemble cost.

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