One Simple Tip to Enjoy Your Business Trip

One Simple Tip to Enjoy Your Business Trip

It started with empathy for the fellow-traveller

As we ourselves started small (who hasn’t, right?), we know exactly what every small-to-medium company is going through when it’s time for the next business trip. Unlike large corporations, most businesses don’t have every aspect of their trip organised, negotiated and effortlessly handled by some all-mighty force, a.k.a. in-house travel team.

Booking a hotel, making a flight reservation, arranging train tickets and so on… it’s all up to you. And probably way over your head, especially when you have to deal with all your usual responsibilities, prepare for the upcoming event so you show your company in the best possible light, all the while trying not to lose your cool. It can be too much even for the most experienced traveller. Plus there’s one more nuisance that gives you hard time and keeps limiting your accommodation options.

Yes, you guessed right. The Budget. As you don’t generate enough business for the hotel you’re interested in, you don’t get to negotiate a special rate, and you end up spending more for a less comfortable stay. If you ever had to spend 3 hours or more to get to your expo (from the hostel room you had to share with some complete strangers), changing bus after bus, you know what we mean.

Enjoy Your Business Trip

We want you to enjoy your business trip

If you’re wondering can we help you out from the situation above, the short answer would be: you only have to let us. Going on a business trip shouldn’t be an unpleasant experience. For anyone. If you’re about to move your company forward, you deserve a nice hotel room close to the venue and the city centre.

A suitable accommodation would allow you some personal joys, like exploring the unfamiliar city with all the people, culture, sights, local restaurants, shops... And let’s face it, being well-rested and happier could improve your performance, and since business trips are brief and first impressions – crucial, that’s good for your company as well.

Our assistance will optimise your booking. We have been working with the best hotel chains and individually owned hotels near trade fairs and exhibitions venues all over the world. You can easily choose a hotel from our special selection, check for availability and book your room –in a matter of minutes. Or, if you prefer, you can send us a reservation request with your requirements, and our experienced team will find the best options for you, and let you make the final decision.

The entire booking process is polished to perfection so it could save you time and cut your company’s travel costs. You can also be sure that nothing could go wrong with your reservation, as you will have our full support the entire time, before, during and after your trip.

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