Explore the Construction Trade Shows in Europe

Explore the Construction Trade Shows in Europe

The building industry implies constant innovations. With the current climate changes, it is crucial for the industry to find a way to implement sustainable construction in every project. The main issues that the sector has to handle are – corporate responsibility, environmental impact, selection of the materials in usage, positive impact to the local community. Visiting a fair of this category could be both an important and exciting experience. Fortunately, the construction exhibitions usually cover the whole business spectrum. That is why visiting an event from this category could be essential for business owners, engineers, architects and retailers. In general, everyone who is involved in the industry should consider visiting at least one of these construction trade fairs that we are going to review in the next paragraphs.

What Will You Experience at Building and Construction Trade Shows?

Usually the trade fairs can be categorized either as directed at the individual consumer or targeted at potential businesses. Building expos usually need the biggest exhibition space, and this gives visitors the unique chance to have a tour among various booths and briefing zones. Browsing inside the expo you could explore companies that have attended to present a new product in an attractive way. Or, others that would directly schedule a meeting for you with one of their sales representatives.

The Building Expo in Munich

Started back in 1954 in Munich, The Building Expo in Munich has become a leading event and a must visit for everyone involved in the industry. More than 605, 000 square meters exhibition space, where innovations in the construction, building and mining sectors will be explored. Starting from vehicles, mining machines to concrete production, fluid technology and job safety. A total of 3423 exhibiting companies participate and more than 580,000 visitors attend the show, and it is expected that the number will grow in the 2019 edition of the event. This will absolutely brake the record from the 2016 edition. Read more about the building expo in Munich in the Fair Point database.

B.I.G., Hannover

Held in Hannover, B.I.G specialize in construction equipment, interior and exterior design. Modernization in building, real estate, garden and recently furniture & fittings will be reviewed. The numbers are: 270 exhibiting companies, and more than 17,400 visitors that will attend the venue. The show has a supporting program that includes workshops and lectures that will present the latest trends and solutions in the industry. It is expected that the future edition of the event will beat the previous one it terms of attendance. Imagine that you’re an owner of a furniture store. An expo of this scale might help you think of new ideas for production and discover the current world trends in the industry.

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BAU, Munich

Again, held in Munich, BAU focuses on architecture, building materials and systems. Considered as one of the biggest events, with the astonishing 250,000 visitors and an area of 183,000 sq. this show is split into 16 exhibition themes. More than 2000 exhibitors will display their products. Everything from stones ceramics, bricks to gates, windows and glass will be showcased to the wide audience. IT technology take place in this event as well. BAU-IT will offer IT solutions for building and architecture software, measurement, finance, project planning as well, from leading software companies in Europe. In the future 2019 edition of the show, applicable solutions about climate change and dwindling resources will be presented. Also, strategies for climate-neutral building will be discussed so sustainability becomes a fact.

BouwBeurs, Utrecht

BouwBeurs expo is located in Utrecht, Netherlands and it’s recognized as the largest platform for the building industry in the Netherlands. The main goal of the exhibitors is to present the latest products and services that will increase the sustainability and functionality of the buildings. More than 72,000 visitors will have the chance to check the latest services and products in the areas of Construction, Home automation, Finishing, Renovation and maintenance, Building structures. All experts and professionals from the industry should acknowledge the event as a must, because of its networking opportunities, where leaders in the sector meet to create partnerships and discuss innovations.

hanseBAU, Bremen

The hanseBAU fair runs once per year in Bremen. The event is important for the building, reconstruction and real estate sectors. The upcoming event in 2019 will welcome more than 15,000 visitors and over 400 exhibitors. As we mentioned before, all the building and construction trade fairs have additional programs. This one is no exception, and will offer its audience approximately 150 lectures, and special events that will accompany the expo. From the total number of visitors, 14,200 are decision makers, which makes the event a mandatory for professionals in the field.

It is no surprise that most of the trade fairs and exhibitions are in Germany, as the country is a huge economical center.

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Why You Should Go to a Building Trade Fair?

So, we can briefly point out 5 reasons to visit the next building, construction or real estate expo.

  1. As a business owner you can create partnerships with other businesses.
  2. As an expert/professional, construction trade fairs and expos in general give the opportunity to check out the new trends.
  3. Learn about new IT technologies that are going to be implemented in the sector.
  4. Attendees have the chance to hear lectures, led by decision makers in the industry. Participating in a workshop session is also a big pro of visiting an expo.
  5. Atmosphere! Being there, with thousands fellow professionals can be inspiring. You can come up with new ideas for your business.

As a conclusion we can say, that if you want to expand your knowledge, meet decision makers, buy/sell products, or just have a well-spent productive time, don’t hesitate and visit the next building and construction expo.

Lora Georgieva

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