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4 European Trade Show Myths - Busted

Let’s cut to the chase. No company worth their salt in their respective field can just ignore the major international trade fairs and industry conferences. However there are many companies and more recently, niche oriented start-ups, that feel intimidated participating at big trade fairs. In this article we are busting the four most frequent myths, many company reps use to shy away from attending a big exhibition.

4 Reasons Why You Must Use Our Trade Fair Info Pages

Our Team is always looking for new ways to help our customers. We wanted to provide an easy, at-a-glance information for the major trade fairs and after gathering our data and customer feedback the Fair Point Information Page was born. Read the 4 information snippets we provide on our Info Pages, that are worthy of your bookmark.

How to Celebrate Your Company's Birthday as a Marketer Infographic

Fair Point GmbH, is turning six today. We decided to send out letters of gratitude to our clients and partners, thanking them for placing their trust with us. But it wasn't enough. We felt we needed to share the best practices and spread the word on how a business should celebrate its corporate birthday in 2016 with an infographic.

One Simple Tip to Enjoy Your Business Trip

Unlike large corporations, most businesses don’t have every aspect of their trip organised, negotiated and effortlessly handled by some all-mighty force, a.k.a. in-house travel team. Booking a hotel, making a flight reservation, arranging train tickets and so on… it’s all up to you. And probably way over your head.

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Hi! We Are Fair Point

And this is our blog. Here you will find our thoughts on the B2B accommodation sector, catch up on the upcoming trade fairs and conferences worldwide and read some interesting stories about the biggest business travel cities, Fairgrounds and the future of the trade show industry. But first, an introduction.