4 European Trade Show Myths - Busted

4 European Trade Show Myths - Busted

Let’s cut to the chase. No company worth their salt in their respective field can just ignore the major international trade fairs and industry conferences. However there are many companies and more recently niche oriented start-ups that feel intimidated by the big trade show. These events are game changers when it comes to trends, innovations and business opportunities and it makes sense for the smaller brands and businesses to think they don't have what it takes to showcase their products as they believe they will be crushed by the competition or outshined by the big brands. And they cannot be further from the truth! So let's bust the myths and show why your company should attend the big international trade shows.

Myth Number 1 - Our Company cannot compete with the big brands!

In the late 2000s, all big international trade fair organizers realised, that the real winners during their events were the start-ups. Small companies and their innovative products and niche proficiency, became one of the main success points and the exhibition organizers focused on activities and client-dating programs, tailored specifically for small businesses and startup companies.

Myth Number 2 - We cannot make profit out of our attendance at the trade fair!

While it's true that preparation and sales and marketing efforts need to be made to achieve success during a trade fair, not visiting means you will not have any direct or secondary brand awareness generated for your brand, no social content to publish, no meaningful updates to show to your current and future customers. Take for example Drupa 2016 - the printing expo in Dusseldorf. It's a dedicated platform for both professionals from the industry, trade visitors and most importantly journalists, reporters and people who can influence the mass. It's not about the immediate bottom line and it never was. In 2016, it's about social, human to human business, directly achievable through human interaction.

Myth Number 3 - Our company is not based in Europe. Why should we even bother?

Europe has the oldest, most influential and most respected industry trade shows in the World. Many premieres, world firsts, and unparalleled knowledge-transfer is up for grabs there. To put that in perspective, you can check the trade visitors satisfaction rate and facts and stats on the German trade fairs.

  • Over 100 Billion Euro in innitiated business deals, investment and procurement programs and joint-venture business innitiatives
  • 161 trade fairs with combined stand space of 6.1 million m²
  • 9.6 million visitors

These are the figures only for Germany. If you add France, The United Kingdom, Spain and the rest of the countries in the European Union, these figures will easily tripple.

Myth Number 4 - This business trip will be expensive.

Not necessarily. There are dedicated B2B Accommodation Partners that offer hotel rates below the average price, because there are many companies and trade visitors attending the event on a tight budget, just like you. Submit the hotel reservation form and see for yourself.

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