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Biggest Trade Fairs - The Food Processing and Packaging Industries

In the 21st century the Food Industry can’t function without the processing and packaging sector. Now more than ever, as food distribution networks become more international, packaging plays a vital role in ensuring the final product is safe for consumption. In this article we take a look at the biggest and most influential food processing and packaging trade fairs in the world and what is their role in the global food industry.

Past, Present and Future of the Global Food Industry

Without a doubt the Food Industry plays pivotal role in the global economy. As a matter of fact, while it is one of the most regulated markets and most subsidized industries, it is still one of the most dynamic sectors, making or breaking the economies of entire countries.

Let us take a deeper look at the Food Industry and Markets past and present and check the latest trends that will shape their future.

Biggest Wine Trade Shows in Asia

In Part 2 of our series about the biggest and most influential trade fairs in the wine industry, we take a closer look at South East Asia. The emerging market that quickly reshaped the market, products and trends. We discuss the facts and figures of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets and provide an overview of the biggest wine trade fairs and exhibitions in the region.

Biggest Wine Trade Shows Worldwide

The Biggest Trade Fairs is a series of articles that will cover the largest trade shows, conferences and EXPOs for the most influential global industries. We decided to start with the Wine Industry and create a 2 part article series, starting with the top international trade shows held on each continent, then take a closer look in to Asia and finally provide information for the 5 most trendy and upcoming wine trade fairs. We invite you to test the taste of the international wine business.

The Truth Why Companies Refuse to Delegate Their Business Travel Budget

Many business travel experts have been wondering, why there are so many SMBs that are playing the know-it-all when it comes to spending money on things they do not necessarily have the expertise for. The truth however is that the sector itself might be the cause.