Messe Kalkar

Griether Strasse 110–120, Kalkar, Germany


Messe Kalkar

Located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Messe Kalkar is one of the most unusual exhibition centres in the world. It is part of a major complex including an amusement park, set on the site of a former nuclear power plant that never began operation. The venue is located 82 km from Dusseldorf International Airport and 6 km from the centre of Kalkar.

In order to accommodate the needs of organisers and exhibitors, in 2011 Messe Kalkar was expanded with a new hall. It offers 6000 sq metres of exhibition area and 18 meeting rooms. The venue hosts seminars, conferences and trade fairs, such as hortivation.

Event Address

Airport: Düsseldorf International Airport 82 km

How to get to Messe Kalkar

By Car

Messe Kalkar can be reached via Appeldorner Strassee, Rheinstrasse and Griether Strasse. The exhibition centre offers a car park with plenty of car spaces.

  • GPS coordinates: latitude 51.763165; longitude 6.328715
Map of Messe Kalkar

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