BEA 2017

BERNEXPO, Mingerstrasse 6, Berne, Switzerland

BEA 2017


BEA 2017, the largest public trade fair in Switzerland, will be held from 28 April to 07 May in BERNEXPO. Last year the event was quite successful, receiving over 290,000 visitors and nearly 1000 exhibitors – and the upcoming 66th edition will most likely exceed these numbers. The ten days of the BEA trade fair will be packed with special exhibitions, many demonstrations and activities.

Considered as one of the highlights of the year, BEA 2017 will present a variety of innovative products and services in diverse sectors, such as crafts, fashion, tourism, agriculture and more. The ten-day fair will also provide participants with a platform to meet face to face with potential and existing partners and customers.

Due to the enormous popularity of the event, attendees are advised to book their accommodation in Berne (or its surrounding area) several months in advance. Planning your trip early on will enable you to choose from the best possible hotel rates and locations. Secure one of the best value hotels for BEA 2017 with Fair Point GmbH today and enjoy the positive outcomes of BEA in Berne!


The BEA 2017 edition ended on 07.05.2017. Next edition will start on 04.05.2018. Click the button below:

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