Hanover Fairground, Messegelände, Hannover, Deutschland



LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA 2019 in Hanover is the flagship trade fair for the biotechnology industry in Europe. Held every two years at Deutsche Messe Hannover, the latest edition will take place from 21st to 23rd of May, 2019. During LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA more than 610 exhibitions and 12,000 dedicated trade visitors, gather to discuss the latest issues and innovations, conduct business and network with the biggest names in the sector.

Main themes during LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA are energy efficiency, bio-economics and the related technologies and scientific breakthroughs, fossil fuels, and since 2013 medical technology and biotech solutions in the food industry. LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA 2019 will be the only event that will encompass the entire spectrum of products, research findings and innovations and equipment. The trade fair is organized in a series of themed marketplaces, each with accompanying forum. This format is met with high satisfaction rates by all trade visitors, 50% of which are specifically attending LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA to check the latest in product development and scientific innovations.

LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA 2019 is considered an absolute must-attend trade fair by all experts in the sector. With the best names and top brands attending the exhibition securing your stay early near the venue or in the city center is recommended. To make sure you will benefit from the best value hotel deals during LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA you can take advantage of our b2b hotel accommodation services. Simply fill the request form below and our team will provide you with a personalized list of hotel deals best matching your business needs and budget.

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