Messe Cologne, Messeplatz 1, Köln, Deutschland



Intermot is a large-scale motorcycle, scooter and bicycle trade fair in Cologne. It is held every two years at Messe Cologne and attended by international industry experts coming from over 105 countries around the world. The 2018 Intermot messe will be held between 3 to 7 October, 2018.

The last edition of the bike fair in Cologne, marked the introduction of a very important change in the expo's structure. In 2016, the organisers of Intermot opened their doors to the general public. In total, 201,000 visitors attended the event. This is a huge opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their very best products and get the exposure they need.

An event of this enormous scale renders finding a suitable accommodation difficult. To avoid that, Fair Point has secured contracts with top local Intermot hotels and hotel chains. Just send us a request and we will return a list of offers. These are all accorded your request and can be located near Messe Cologne.


Die Messe INTERMOT 2018 ist am 07.10.2018 abgelaufen. Die nächste Messe fängt am 29.09.2020an. Bitte, die Taste unten anklicken:

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