SIGEP Rimini 2017

Rimini Fiera, Via Emilia 155, Rimini, Italien

SIGEP Rimini 2017


SIGEP is a trade fair for artisan production of gelato, confectionery, pastry and bakery. The exhibition is based in Rimini and is held every year along with several other concurrent events. SIGEP 2017 will run between 21 to 25 January at Rimini Fiera. The expo is highly anticipated by the public and the industry professionals. More than 1000 exhibitors and over 187,200 visitors took part in the 37th edition in 2016.

Part of the programme of SIGEP 2017 includes showcasing and presentations of range of services, machinery, raw materials and ingredients, as well as packaging and storing solutions. Key topics will be divided into 9 thematic sections: Bakery, Chocolate, Coffee, Confectionery, Decoration, Fresh pasta, Furnishing and fittings, Gelato and Pizza.

Rimini is a tourist destination all year-round. This combined with the large interest in the trade fair makes finding a SIGEP 2017 hotel in Rimini difficult. It is recommended to plan your trip at least 6 months before the expo. Fair Point GmbH has contracts with top hotels and hotel chains located in proximity to Rimini Fiera venue. Our team will offer you accommodation deals which match your corporate needs. Book a hotel for SIGEP 2017 by completing the form below.


Die Messe SIGEP Rimini 2017 ist am 25.01.2017 abgelaufen. Die nächste Messe fängt am 20.01.2018an. Bitte, die Taste unten anklicken:

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