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How to prepare for your next trade fair visit in 10 easy steps

A trade show is a world of opportunities. Many companies have at least one mandatory expo in their annual agenda - an event which provides them with information, accounts or products they can’t afford to miss. But keep in mind that success during the few days of any given trade fair is unimaginable without months and months of preparation. Follow these 10 steps when planning your next expo visit...

Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show

We live and work in a digital age, and businesses everywhere are either embracing or trying to adapt to that fact. Yet, face-to-face communication remains indispensable. Last year saw a steady growth of national and international trade shows. So far 2017 fulfills the optimistic expectations for further increase in these numbers. Participation in industry events such as exhibitions, congresses and fairs is more popular than ever as a way to bring corporate goals to fruition.

Trade Show Displays Types

The interest in the trade show industry as a mean of marketing has increased significantly in the recent few years. Attending a big trade fair is a perfect opportunity to connect with potential partners and customers. This increased interest of course also means a higher and more competitive market. To rise above the competition, businesses employ different types of trade show displays. Booths, graphics and videos are all used to demonstrate the business and attract visitors. So what are the options? We review the most basic options.

4 Dmexco Trends

This year’s dmexco was a successful one. It broke all previous attendance records, attracting over 50,700 visitors. In line with its 2016 motto Digital is everything — not everything is digital, the show presented the trends and developments that will shape the industry of tomorrow.

7 Business Travel Apps

Earlier this year, Expedia’s Mobile Index Study confirmed what we were already suspecting for quite some time – global travellers consider the smartphone their most indispensable item on the road. And apps are partially responsible – if chosen right, they make travel easier and much better, regardless of its purpose and duration. We made a list of free apps (compatible with both Android and iOS) for 7 aspects of your business trip.