The Importance of Trade Fair and Expo Marketing

The Importance of Trade Fair and Expo Marketing

Trade fairs and exhibitions might be the platforms that your business needs to achieve your goals. No matter the sector and industry you have decided to operate in, a trade fair marketing can provide you opportunities that the day-to-day business correspondence usually does not. With the possibilities of participating as an exhibitor or as a visitor there will be benefits for both types of attendance. The market trends are constantly changing and being part of such event might be essential for your future professional plans. In the following paragraphs we will take a closer look how beneficial a trade fair could be if you attend prepared for its opportunities.

1. Meeting with Potential Customers and Future Partners

One of the major reasons that makes visiting an expo an important step into the business world is the possibility to communicate to people face-to-face. For instance, a carefully prepared company booth and a personal approach to every visitor, might leave a lasting impression to a person who plans to complete a business deal at the trade show. Let’s not forget that a big percentage of the expo attendees are decision makers from all size companies, so it is important to know your audience and provide information according to the person’s role in the industry. Therefore, it is crucial when engaging in a business conversation to provide all the information a visitor might need in a concise and attractive way. When the exhibition is over participants will surely remember the meeting, they had with the exceptionally prepared, company representatives who took part at the event.

2. Trade Fair and Expos are Possible Sales Opportunities

After we have discussed the importance of direct “live” communication and first impression we will continue with a fundamental process that runs over the course of the event. Completing a long-awaited deal or negotiating prices could be the milestone that can change your company’s future or expand the product sector of your business. Careful preparation will convert into leads as people are generally motivated to commit to a deal when participating at an event. So, we aware of the possibilities that the trade fair marketing provides, next the exhibitor has to distinguish the steps that his company has to make in order to achieve his goals. An easy, yet productive start could be:

  • Discuss and set goals with your team, so they can be prepared well in advance and apply the most efficient sales strategy.
  • Reach out to as many visitors as possible. Don’t forget that most of them are motivated to commit a deal, or at least hear what you can offer to them.
  • Monitor yours and your team’s performance, take notes, collect business cards, contacts, etc. Apart from these steps, you can make a wide research on what are your competitors offering at the current moment months before the expo’s dates. Exploring their strengths and weaknesses may lead to a better presentation on the show.

Trade Fair Marketing

3. Improve Skills and Gain Know-How at the Additional Program of the Trade Fair

Most of the expos have an additional program, which includes supporting events that make the visitor’s experience more beneficial. Workshops, conferences, demonstrations, lectures, tastings are all scheduled to add value to the exhibitions. Industrial associations and organizations create distinct areas where they can display new products, or a member’s expertise. This is certainly a way to obtain know-how especially if your day-to-day business does not necessarily include training and workshops. A good example of how valuable an additional program could be are the food, spirits and wine exhibitions. Tastings are crucial at those events – new products can be sampled, experts rate them and eventually a winner is picked if there is a scheduled competition. Most of us have heard about award-wining wines that have to be tasted at least once, so we can know the true meaning of high quality and standard. A great example of how exciting and useful an additional program can be is the VINITALY wine expo – where visitors can explore a wide range of exclusive events.

4. Brand Awareness

A big percentage of the companies that attend exhibitions look for opportunities to expand their business network and build awareness. This is a creative way to get the brand in front of new customers, so they can learn more about what is your companies’ business. A perfect opportunity if you want the wide audience to remember you as a reliable, serious and important player on the industry’s market. This can be obtained by positioning your company’s booth near the leaders in the industry. This is a strategy used to help your customers recognize you as an established brand. Having this in mind, physical appearance is an important step in this process – a company that wants to attend a trade show will have to invest in retention materials, display banners, booth construction, uniforms or branded clothes, etc. By doing all this, you add value. People will eventually recognize you as a trustworthy and reputable brand that they can rely on, complete a deal or start a partnership with. At some point, it is all about the appearance.

We covered some of the main reasons to attend/exhibit at a trade fair. But let’s not forget that after all, you will meet fellow professionals, fans, partners or random visitors at events like this. The most important thing is to have conversations with as many people as possible – expand your business network. It is essential to hear what customers have to say, what their point of view is. It is the way to improve, so you can exceed people’s expectations at some point, win new customers and partners.

Apart from the serious and business part of the event, try to enjoy your visit. After all there should be time for small breaks and non-business conversations, in order to truly connect to other people. Get ready for your next expo!

Lora Georgieva

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